We organize a seminar where we present topics/papers relevant to the project. These cover mostly the fields of Natural Language Processing, Network Science and Machine Learning. The seminar is held the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at Fosswinckels gate 6, room 614 (corner room on 6th floor).

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Upcoming Seminars:

Past Seminars:

22.2.2013 Topic-Link LDA: Joint Models of Topic and Author Community by  Yan Liu, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil and Wojciech Gryc

presented by Lubos Steskal

1.2.2013 Organizing and Searching theWorldWideWeb of Facts – Step One: the One-Million Fact Extraction Challenge by Marius Pasca et al.

presented by Samia Touileb

18.12.2012 ABL: Alignment-Based Learning by Menno van Zaanen

presented by Samia Touileb

16.11.2012 Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis by Thomas Hofmann – part II

presented by Lubos Steskal

8.11.2012 Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis by Thomas Hofmann

presented by Lubos Steskal

1.11.2012 Comments analysis in online newspaper and an informal review of the Text Vis workshop

presented by Nicholas Diakopoulos


Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World, Chapter 16 – Information Cascades by David Easley and Jon Kleinberg

presented by Zuzana Laffersova

5.10.2012 Implicit Structure and the Dynamics of Blogspace by Adar, Adamic, Zhang. Lukose

presented by Dag Elgesem

28.9.2012 Community detection in graphs by Santo Fortunato

presented by Lubos Steskal

17.9.2012 Unsupervised learning of natural languages by Zach Solan, David Horn, Eytan Ruppin and Shimon Edelman

presented by Samia Touileb

7.9.2012 Modularity and community structure in networks by M. E. J. Newman

presented by Lubos Steskal